• Trussardi Uomo Levriero Collection Perfume EDP 100ml for Him


    It pays tribute to masculine virility and elegance, releasing the citrus notes of lemon and bergamot

  • Liquid Gold Euphoria Perfume by Calvin Klein EDP 100ml for women

    35,100.00 29,500.00

    It is luxurious, powerful and addictive; the scent of desire melting in richness, taking you into the world of luxury.

  • Man In Black Essence

    56,741.75 29,500.00

    Bvlgari man in black essence is a new limited edition dedicated to the deeply wild, arid nature of Africa designed in collaboration with the Nigerian artist Laolu Senbanjo.

  • Valentino Donna Born in Roma Perfume EDP 100ml for women


    A couture elegance made of three qualities of Jasmine which brings a luxurious femininity blended with Vanilla Bourbon, the most expensive extract in the world

  • BOSS Bottled Absolute EDP 100ml for men by Hugo Boss


    Your sensory experience will be even more sophisticated.

  • Jimmy Choo L’Eau


    Jimmy Choo L’Eau evokes a radiant femininity as the fragrance combines a symphony of floral, fresh and musky notes.

  • Gold Intensitive Aoud Perfume EDP 120ml for Unisex by Mancera


    Designed to please those who love perfumes that combine the best elements of the western and oriental style

  • Ambergris Showers


    Rasasi La Yuqawam Ambergris Showers celebrates confidence, irresistibility and timeless elegance through a highly distinguishing olfactory signature.

  • Nuit d’Issey Bleu Astral


    Nuit d’Issey Bleu Astral plays on the magnetic attraction of opposites. Light and dark. Cool and warm. Sensuous and explosive

  • Amo Ferragamo

    48,841.00 28,500.00

    A bright and glamourous eau de parfum in which elegant floral notes joyfully blend with crisp aromatic notes and mouthwatering fruity shades, offering a new daring bitter addiction.

  • Polo Red Extreme


    Polo Red Extreme is a powerful blend of vibrant blood orange, addictive black coffee essence, and supercharged ebony wood

  • Le Gemme Ambero by Bvlgari EDP 100ml Perfume For Men


    A warm Woody Oriental that translates the richness and sensuality of Amber into noble, earthy, Vetiver root, generously composed of its most fragrant portion

  • Gold Incense Perfume EDP 120ml Unisex by Mancera


    It is seductively exuberant, downright juicy floral incense that hums with light, life and happiness

  • Crystal Noir

    49,559.25 29,500.00

    According to Donatella Versace, Crystal Noir is a rare essence, sensual and delicate.

  • Cedrat Boise Perfume EDP 120ml Unisex by Mancera

    45,946.78 35,000.00

    It always makes the wearer feel special and helps them to stand out from the crowd without being too obtrusive

  • Afnan Modest Deux EDP 100ml


    A scent of class, loaded with fresh ingredients to keep you fresh all day long.

  • Dolce Garden


    Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum is a delicious new flower blossoming in a Sicilian garden.

  • Aoud Blue Notes Perfume EDP 120ml for Unisex by Mancera


    Dynamic aroma that works to perfectly accentuate any favorite ensemble

  • Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Elixir


    Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Elixir is a deeper, richer and more sensual version which reportedly brings seductiveness of the original to its climax.

  • Indian Sandalwood Perfume by Dunhill London EDP 100ml for men


    Prominent, evocative focus of this scent, combined with fragrant bergamot

  • Layton Royal Essence

    107,737.50 75,000.00

    An addictive and scented composition infusing ease and nobility into the festive and harmonious atmosphere of the Versailles court

  • Velvet Vanilla Perfume EDP 120ml Unisex by Mancera


    An irresistible fragrance with a unique scent to accompany you all day long

  • Mon Guerlain Intense EDP 100ml for women by Guerlain


    It is a perfumed manifesto of today’s femininity embodied by Angelina Jolie

  • Florence


    The Roberto Cavalli Florence woman reflects this perfect combination of audacity, beauty, and sensuality.

  • Le Parfum In White


    Celebrate every joyful moment with the Elie Saab Le Parfum In White Eau de Parfum Spray, a sophisticated floral chypre fragrance that creates a lasting impression.

  • Supremacy Silver

    25,138.75 16,500.00

    Afnan Supremacy Silver is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men.

  • Black Line Perfume EDP 120ml for Unisex by Mancera


    Enigmatic perfume anyone of today would feel proud to flaunt out on the town

  • Timeless Pour Femme EDP 90ml for women by Lacoste


    A lasting expression of feminine elegance, Lacoste Pour Femme Timeless brings the original fragrance to a new level of radiant elegance, with a profusion of roses and white flowers warmed by enveloping incense and sandalwood.

  • Colonia Ambra


    Acqua Di Parma Colonia Ambra is an original, elegant fragrance inspired by the distinctive combination of two olfactory themes that are bursting with personality – the citrus notes of Colonia blend with deep sensuality of Ambergris, an ancient essence that is extremely rare and precious.

  • Encre Noire

    36,630.75 19,500.00

    Lalique Encre Noire is a fragrance with real personality, a celebration of both vetyver and modernity.

  • Beau De Jour Perfume EDP 100ml for men by Tom Ford


    presents the perfectly groomed gentleman who considers every detail

  • Crystal Aoud

    50,995.75 33,000.00

    A vibrant fruity Aoud: Melon, Green Apple, Mandarin from Sicily, on a deep woody base of Sandalwood, Teakwood and Patchouli, softened by the Vanilla and the White Musk, sprinkled with Saffron.

  • Black Gold Perfume 120ml EDP for men by Mancera

    53,868.75 35,000.00

    A conspicuously masculine fragrance that will give you self-confidence at any time of the day.

  • He Wood Intense


    Dsquared² He Wood Intense is an elegant, refined and strong fragrance.

  • Man Extreme Intense


    The Bvlgari perfumes, expression of luxury, capturing the brand’s refinement and elegance, are made in Italy.

  • Si Passione


    A powerful reinvention of the signature Armani fragrance, Si Passione adds a new dimension to Giorgio Armani’s feminine fragrance personality

  • Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud


    Acqua Di Parma Colonia Oud is a unique and elegant creation born from the innovative union of two olfactive themes with strong personalities: the fresh, vibrant notes of Colonia and the warm, deep notes of Agarwood.

  • Black XS L’Exces


    Paco Rabanne Black XS L’Exces for Him is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men.

  • Amouage Dia


    Amouage Dia, luxury day wear, is a fragrance that is both vibrant and sophisticated.

  • Her Intense Perfume EDP Intense 100ml by Burberry


    A bold fragrance capturing the powerful energy of London – intense yet elegant

  • Christian Dior Sauvage


    Christian Dior Sauvage edp is a powerful freshness of Sauvage exudes new sensual and mysterious facets

  • The Aoud Perfume EDP 120ml For Unisex by Mancera


    It is designed for everyone who likes to discover new opportunities and longs to experience unforgettable moments full of excitement

  • L’homme Ideal


    The ideal man is a myth. But with L’Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum, Guerlain has made his fragrance a reality.



    Elizabeth Arden White Tea is inspired by the simple pleasure that accompanies the first sip of tea.

  • Mankind Legacy Perfume EDT for men by Kenneth Cole


    A balanced scent with refreshing, modern energy

  • Prerogative Perfume EDP 100ml for women by Britney Spears


    Walk into a world where there’s room for your prerogative – where you’re free to live for your moment

  • Fever Perfume by Jimmy Choo 100ml EDP for women


    An irresistibly seductive and unique fragrance that will intoxicate you with its intensity and the air of luxury

  • Amouage Figment


    Exploring the nuances of a hologram, Amouage Figment for Man is a luminous sandalwood awakening the imagination of the unknown.

  • White Diamonds

    28,011.75 18,500.00

    Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds is a beautiful fragrance for mature women.

  • Nuit D’Issey Noir Argent


    Issey Miyake Nuit D’Issey Noir Argent is a new Woody Spicy fragrance for men.

  • Touch for Men Perfume by Burberry EDT 100ml

    39,503.75 20,000.00

    An inspiring and elegant men’s perfume that is extraordinarily pleasant and ready-to-wear

  • Montale Black Aoud

    50,995.75 33,000.00

    A magnificent Cambodian Aoud blended with Indonesian Patchouli Leaves over a combination of Mandarin, Musk and Rose Petals.

  • Dylan blue Perfume by Versace EDT 100ml for men

    49,559.25 27,500.00

    The expression of a man’s strength and charisma conveyed in modern fresh and sensual Mediterranean freshness

  • Amouage Dia

    122,102.50 75,000.00

    Amouage Dia, elegant day wear to complement Amouage Gold, this well-rounded chypre fragrance is a fine example of tasteful subtlety.

  • Leather Blend


    The Davidoff Leather Blend uncompromising aesthetic is a token of the fragrance’s elegance. For this unique perfume was designed for real connoisseurs only.

  • Eternity Now


    Calvin Klein Eternity Now For Women is signed by perfumer Ann Gottlieb and created of litchi, and quince sorbet, with the heart of peony, peach blossom and neroli petals.

  • Supremacy Pink

    Afnan Tribute is a floral scent for the romantic woman, for everyday use


  • Aoud Violet Perfume 120ml EDP for women by Mancera


    It perfectly accentuates your natural charm and relaxed sophistication

  • Illicit


    Jimmy Choo presents its new perfume called Illicit, coming out in August 2015.

  • Clive Christian No 1 Pure Perfume 50ml For Women


    An emblem of British quality delivering depth and complexity

  • Woman by Ralph Lauren

    49,227.50 39,500.00

    A scent that embodies the essence of modern femininity, Woman by Ralph Lauren reinterprets the iconic tuberose, an elegant white flower, with an alluring blend of rich, vibrant woods; fresh pear; and ripe black currant.

  • Valentino Donna Born in Roma Perfume EDP 100ml for women


    A couture elegance made of three qualities of Jasmine which brings a luxurious femininity blended with Vanilla Bourbon, the most expensive extract in the world

  • Her Intense Perfume EDP Intense 100ml by Burberry


    A bold fragrance capturing the powerful energy of London – intense yet elegant

  • Twilly d’Hermes EAU Poivree by Hermes EDP 80ml Perfume For Women

    51,350.00 45,000.00

    A daring fragrance coloured with vibrant pink peppercorn, tender rose and elegant patchouli. Spicy, floral, woody.

  • La Vie Est Belle L’Éclat


    A new olfactive of La vie est belle in a multi -faceted bottle that captures the light of happiness.

  • Lady Million Lucky


    Paco Rabanne Lady Million Lucky is an audacious rose fragrance. The taste of sensation.

  • Prada Candy Pop Sugar


    Delicate notes of Peach and Vanilla mingle with airy Apple and Mahonial and shiny top notes of Vert de Bergamote and Green Citrus

  • jimmy choo Blossom

    50,277.50 29,500.00

    Undeniably feminine, Blossom is your go to party fragrance.

  • Sexy Ruby


    Michael Kors Sexy Ruby is a modern chypre that sparkles with fiery sensuality.

  • Britney Spears Fantasy


    Fantasy is the second fragrance by Britney Spears, and was launched in 2005.

  • 212 VIP Party Fever


    212 VIP Party Fever by Carolina Herrera is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women.

  • Donna Acqua


    Valentino Donna Acqua is an irreverent clash of lightness and indulgence.

  • Guerlain Insolence


    Insolence is a transfiguration, a totally new and yet familiar flower that will whisk you away to a world full of daring, irreverence and freedom.


  • Splendida Rose Rose


    Bvlgari Splendida Rose Rose is a seductive Rose bouquet evoking the Italian romance between Bvlgari and women.

  • Amouage Jubilation 25


    Amouage Jubilation 25 was created for the elegant and sophisticated woman who lives her life as an art form

  • Beyonce Rise


    Beyonce believes a woman’s power comes from within and when a woman connects with her very essence, she revels in her individuality, her strength, and her beauty.



    Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique Cabaret Pin Up rejuvenatres and modernises Jean Paul Gaultier’s Masterbrand collection.

  • Obsessed Intense

    35,100.00 29,500.00

    Mysterious, passionate, unrepeatable – that’s Obsessed Intense Eau de Parfum for women by Calvin Klein.

  • Lady Million Empire Perfume EDP 80ml for women by Paco Rabanne


    Follow your fateful desire, ignore the critics, and don’t let anything stop you. Remember, this is your empire, your rules.

  • Gucci by Gucci


    Gucci By Gucci is a sensual, charming and rich fragrance for elegant women. It perfectly connects a legend and timelessness.

  • Code Absolu by Giorgio Armani EDP 75ml Perfume For Women


    Seductive, superbly elegant, and strongly addictive – the Giorgio Armani Code Absolu for women will welcome you with an embrace of sensuous white flowers.

  • Code Cashmere


    The Armani dress code, which began with Armani Code, then expanded with Code Satin in 2015, now welcomes Code Cashmere Fragrance.