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Perfume Reward Program (Earn Reward Points) - Perfume Best Buy
Perfume Reward

Perfume Reward Program

We, at Perfume Best buy are offering our customers Perfume Reward Points. This Program was created as a way to reward our loyal customers.

This an opportunity to earn points, which can be used to purchase perfumes, by referring your friends, to sign up or purchase perfumes, through your referral links.

People who do not have accounts can join in the program by simply signing up on our website, by Clicking Here

Perfume Reward Points

  • Refer Friends to Sign Up: Get up to 200 points (i.e. N200) for referring your friends to sign up on our website
  • Refer Friends to Purchase Perfumes: Get up to 1,500 points (i.e. N1,500) for referring your friends to purchase perfumes on our website

How it Works



Share your Refer Link with your Friends


Prompt them to Sign Up or Purchase a Perfume


Earn points for referring your friends to Sign Up or purchase a perfume

Ways to Share your Referral Link


Generate your Referral Link

Login to your account and generate your referral link, copy and share with friends

Send an Email to your Friend

Login to your account. Click on Refer A Friend link and fill the form

Please Note: Points Earned can only be used to purchase perfumes

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